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15 thoughts on “Home”

  1. You have been away for quite some time now, any chance of a new app update or a new blog or are you gone for good? We need your fruit advice!

    1. Sorry for the lack of blogs: a consequence, to some extent, of the pandemic. I’m working on an alternative approach which will hopefully be just as informative.

      1. I understand, the pandemic has been hard on everyone. I see your posting regularly now again and I can say that it is great to see you back Nick! Here’s to a hopefully better 2021 for good fruit!

  2. Why is website showing November when it is now 8 December. Otherwise as it is my first visit I found a fantastic amount of helpful info

    1. Quite right! The December recommendations are a bit delayed, but will be posted in a day or two.
      Thanks for your interest,
      Nick Ball

  3. Hope you managed to come through lockdown unscathed, just wanted to use this opportunity to thank you so much for your fabulous fruit-bowl of knowledge, so generously offered… I don’t leave home without it (when I’m allowed to leave my home). Like Marge Simpson once said, “fruit is Nature’s candy”, and you are most assuredly the Candy Man!

    1. Well, thank you, Camille. Your comments are very gratefully received. The Good Fruit Guide is a labour of love and it is wonderful to have some positive feedback.
      Regards, Nick Ball

  4. Thanks so much for the wonderful guide. I’ve learned so much and been eating loads more fruit thanks to you!

  5. Hi Nick,

    I came across your website randomly while I was searching for a fruit variety, and really appreciate the effort you put in updating the monthly good fruit guide! Thank you so much for making eating fruits more enjoyable and affordable : )


  6. This is such an informative site, love the detailed info on which country’s apples are available when by month in the UK. 15/10 – – no exaggeration – as I have been searching for this info for ages

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