Muscat Beauty (Rosada)


Muscat Beauty is a delicate and attractive pink-brown seedless grape with pale green translucence. The berries are small to medium in size, round in shape and borne on a fairly loose bunch. They are soft to bite, with unobtrusive skin and the flesh is almost liquid as it flows through the mouth.

Although not the easiest grape for suppliers to handle and distribute, the flavour makes it all worthwhile. Sweetness is excellent, and the Muscat and Sultana flavour is deliciously fragrant.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Muscat Beauty is a luxurious and delicious soft table grape with a fine, perfumed flavour.

Perfumed, fine, soft

Names: Muscat Beauty; Muscat Rosada. These names are probably marketing names referring to a number of similar pink-brown varieties rather than a single variety.

Origin: Information on the exact origin of the Muscat grapes is incomplete as the marketing name used in UK is often not linked to a specific variety. In general, Muscat grapes are a complex group of varieties and can be traced to Greek and Roman times.

Grown in: Spain, Chile, Peru, South Africa

Harvest & Availability: Availability in the UK is as follows:

  • January:                      Peru
  • February:                    Peru
  • March:                         Chile, South Africa
  • April:                            Chile, South Africa
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:                              Spain
  • August:                         Spain
  • September:                  Spain
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:



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