OnixTM is a blood orange with a skin that is an extraordinarily deeply coloured dark red-purple, almost black. 60% of the fruit on a tree are coloured in this way, while 40% have striking red chimeras across the surface of the skin. The smooth skin, which has a pink albedo, is fairly easily removed, though can be quite thick. The fruit is round-oval in shape.

The segments are striated with red pigmentation and have a high red juice content of about 50%. The taste is well balanced and aromatic, with acidity giving a tangy experience, particularly in the early season. The balancing sweetness comes from brix levels of 11.7 to 13o.

Onix is essentially a Sanguinelli with more intensity of pigmentation and therefore a greater anthocyanin content, though otherwise very similar.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Onix is a beautiful, sweet and tangy orange with deep skin pigmentation and red striations through the flesh.

Names: OnixTM; Onix Blood; USPP32665P2

Origin: Onix was discovered by Juan Fransisco Ruis Gil of Agricola Ruis Valero in Carmona, Seville, Spain in 2012. The variety is the result of a spontaneous natural mutation of a Sanguinelli tree. The tree was growing in a lowland area, near the Guadalquivir River, on loose-textured soils with a Mediterranean climate of mild winters and warm summers.

The US Plant Patent for Onix Blood was granted in December 2020.

The marketing name, OnixTM, is owned by AMFresh Group.

Grown in: Spain

Harvest & Availability: Availability of OnixTM in UK is as follows. Initial sales in UK in 2024 were channelled through M&S.

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  • February:                     Spain
  • March:                          Spain
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Onix – Marketing website

Onix Blood – US Plant Patent


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