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Ataulfo is a small to medium size mango with a uniform pale green to yellow-skin. The skin is smooth and thin and becomes an alluring deep yellow when the fruit is ripe. The ripe flesh is also deep yellow, silky and fibreless, often described as ‘buttery’.  The stone is quite thin with virtually no fibres adhering.  When properly mature, Ataulfo is very sweet mango with a delicious, fine, spicy flavour.

Ataulfo is a very popular mango in North and Central America.

Quality & Ripening:  When ready to eat, the fruit should have a yellow to orange skin colour and should yield to slight pressure. If the fruit is firm, keep it room temperature until it softens. Immature fruit have an acid tang and do not develop the flavour for which this mango is renowned: often an issue in early season.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Ataulfo is a lovely, sweet, high-class mango with silky, smooth flesh.

Sweet, spicy, silky

Names: Ataulfo; Champagne; Manila; Adolfo; Honey Mango.

Origin: Ataulfo is said to be of Indonesian origin but developed as a commercial variety in Hawaii and the Philippines before establishing in Mexico, where it is most widely grown.

Grown in: Philippines, Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador.


  • Ecuador: mid-October to late December
  • Mexico: February to June
  • Brazil: July to December

Availability: Ataulfo is sold as a premium variety in some UK supermarkets, and by the box in Costco UK:

  • January:              Brazil
  • February:            Brazil, Mexico
  • March:                 Mexico
  • April:                    Mexico
  • May:                     Mexico
  • June:                    Mexico
  • July:                     Mexico
  • August:                Mexico, Brazil
  • September:         Brazil
  • October:              Brazil
  • November:          Brazil
  • December:          Brazil


Champagne Mango – Ciruli Brothers

Honey Mango –

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  1. Nick

    Finding delicious Ataulfo from Brazil in December is a real treat

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