Dazzling Gold (UTA)

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Dazzling Gold is large, fully russeted pear. The pear has a classic shape with rounded base and slender stem-end. The russet is a brown-gold colour and usually covers the entire fruit. The skin is made relatively thick by the russet and is best removed before eating. The flesh of Dazzling Gold is white and stays quite firm as it ripens. With ripeness, the flesh becomes juicy and easy to cut. The pear has a good level of sweetness and a flavour that is often described as that of pear-drop sweets.

Dazzling Gold is a good stewing pear, as well as a lovely fresh-eating pear.

Growers are attracted to Dazzling Gold as a very late maturing variety, with good agronomic attributes, including very good resistance to scab and powdery mildew, and with low susceptibility to fire blight. The variety is capable of being stored until March.

Ripeness: The russet on Dazzling Gold makes assessing ripeness at home fairly difficult. This is a variety that is best eaten with some softening of the flesh to emphasise the flavour and enhance the juiciness. Eat when you detect some softening by gently pressing the stem-end of the fruit. Try not to leave the pear too long in the fruit bowl as it isn’t particularly pleasant when over-ripe.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Dazzling Gold is a pear of good flavour and firm, juicy flesh.

Russet, plump, sweet

Names: Dazzling Gold; UTA; Gold Sensation; SaxoniaTM.

Origin: Dazzling Gold is the product of a cross between Madame Verté x Boscs Flaschen. The cross was undertaken by Professor Dr. Manfred Fischer in May 1968 in Naumburg/Saale, Germany. The variety was selected due to its promising attributes in November 1973, after which it went through detailed testing at a number of locations. Further trials and the varietal description took place in 2005/6.  The breeding name is UTA . The variety was first unveiled commercially in Holland by the Greenery in August 2010. Staay Food Group is one of the sales organisations, as is NFG (New Fruit Group). The holder of the plant breeding rights is Sächsische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft, of Dresden, Germany.

Grown in: Netherlands; Germany.

Harvest & Availability: Availability of Dazzling Gold in UK is generally as follows:

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