The Good Fruit Guide website is devoted to informing consumers in the United Kingdom about the best tasting fruit on sale in supermarkets, and, by extension, in independent grocery stores and markets.

The information is kept as up-to-date as possible as the varieties, seasons and source-countries change. Normally, information is updated every two weeks.

The recommendations by the Good Fruit Guide are based on the opinion, personal tastes and experience of the editor, Nick Ball.

Nick derives his authority in these matters from a career as a technical expert in the fruit industry, in which he has experienced every stage from growing fruit to exporting, importing, wholesaling, supplying and retailing.

Recommendations are not absolute as everyone has slightly different tastes, but they should be a reliable guide to finding flavoursome fruit, the sort of fruit that you want to keep eating.

The Good Fruit Guide is NOT a commercial portal for selling fresh fruit or fruit trees, and is NOT aligned to any producer, producing country or supermarket company.