LoliPop (Story Inored)

Lolipop is a bi-coloured apple with intense bright red blush, which is faintly striped, covering +75% of the underlying pale-yellow surface. It has sparse but prominent lenticels, and a distinctly long stalk. The fruit are medium to large (65-85mm) size and of a spherical (globose) to slightly elongated shape. The flesh is a pale creamy yellow and is firm and dense rather than crisp and cracking. It has good juice levels. The fruit can attain high levels of sweetness (at 13-15oBrix), but not excessively so, and, with low acidity, makes an attractive eating apple.

Lolipop is late season apple, harvested 25 days after Granny Smith.

Growers are particularly attracted to Lolipop for its resistance to scab, good productivity, and long storage capability of up to 8 months at 3oC. It is an ideal variety for organic production.

Production is exclusively under organic regimes or the Vergers écoresponsables standard, certified by IFS and guaranteeing environmental sustainability in production.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

LoliPop® is a very attractive apple with high levels of sweetness, low acidity and dense flesh.

Sweet, beautiful, dense

Names: Lolipop; LoliPop®; Story® Inored; USPP22794P2

Origin: Inored is the result of a cross between Pinova x X6398 carried out by INRAE/Novadi, France. The first asexual reproduction was carried out in 1998 in Angers, France. The first commercial sales of the fruit were in 2017. The licence to the variety is held by Novadi of Lyon, France. The US plant patent was granted in June 2012.

LoliPop® is the marketing name of Inored. Marketing and commercialisation is by Group Innatis through Pominter.

Grown in: France.

Harvest & Availability: Lolipop is mainly grown in the south of France (regions: Tarn et Garonne, Vaucluse, Isère and Alpes de Haute Provence), where harvest is in late September/early October. Availability in UK is dependent on when the long-term cold stores are opened for packing, but is generally as follows:

  • January:                       France
  • February:                     France
  • March:                          France
  • April:                             France
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:


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