Palmer is a mango with a distinct elongated shape, not to the extent of some Asian varieties, but with a drawn-out , almost pointed, stem and stylar-ends (ovate elongate). The skin is usually heavily blushed with an attractive purple-red colouration and has a slightly uneven, mottled appearance.  The flesh is a pale-yellow to yellow colouration and has a noticeable, but not excessive fibre content. The stone is relatively thin, though thickens in the middle. Palmer is a mango that often has a good flavour as well as developing plenty of sweetness.

Palmer doesn’t always get great press for flavour, but the Brazilian-grown fruit that is sold in UK can be attractive, though we rarely experience it at its best due to harvesting for sea freight and attempts to stretch the seasons earlier.

Palmer is described as a late-season variety.

Ripening: The blush colour tends not to be an indicator of maturity, which can be problematic as it can result in harvest of immature fruit. Fruit bought in reputable stores should be mature enough to ripen properly, so, at home, keep the mango in the fruit bowl and wait for some softening to be evident. Softness can be detected by gently pressing the skin with your fingertips: you are seeking a fair ‘give’ which indicates juiciness rather than density, and can often take more than a week to achieve depending on maturity.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Palmer is a reliably tasty mango with a mild flavour, slight fibre and good sweetness.

Sweet, tasty, flavour

Names: Palmer

Origin: The origin of Palmer is Florida, USA. It is thought to be a seedling of Haden that was planted in 1925 on a farm owned by a Mrs Victor Mell. The first commercial production of the variety started in 1945.

Grown in: Brazil, Florida, Puerto Rica, Australia

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in Florida is July to early September. In Australia, Palmer is sold between January and March. Availability of Palmer in the UK is primarily from Brazil:

  • January:                                          Brazil
  • February:                                        Brazil
  • March:
  • April:                                                Brazil
  • May:                                                 Brazil
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:                                     Brazil
  • October:                                          Brazil
  • November:                                      Brazil
  • December:                                      Brazil