Opal (UEB 3264/2)

Opal is a yellow-skinned apple with an attractive yellow to golden-yellow colouration, depending on maturity, and occasionally with a slight orange blush. It is a medium to large-fruited variety with a spherical, globose to globose-conical shape. The flesh is creamy-yellow in colour and is resistant to browning when exposed to the air. The texture is light to medium crisp, mildly cracking as you bite with a pleasing crunch as you chew. The fruit has plenty of refreshing juice and there is a good level of sweetness (15-18oBrix) along with a background tang of mild acidity, which gives the apple a very pleasant balance with neither attribute dominating.

Although Golden Delicious is a parent, Opal is a far superior eating apple due to its texture, juice and balanced taste.

The variety is prone to some russeting of the skin, but mostly in the stem cavity.

Opal is a late season apple which is particularly well suited to warm, dry climates.

Growers are attracted to Opal due to its resistance to scab, tolerance to powdery mildew, good eating quality and long storage life. The variety is suitable for organic production due the scab resistance.

If Empire World Trade like it, it has to be good!

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Opal is a very attractive yellow apple with good acid/sweetness balance, and a light, crisp texture.

Refreshing, golden, sweetly balanced

Names:  Opal; UEB 3264/2; USPP15963P2

Origin: UEB 3264/2 originated from a cross between Golden Delicious x Topaz (a scab-resistant variety) conducted in Czechia by Jaroslav Tupy, Otto Louda, Jan Zima at the Institute of Experimental Biology. The variety was first isolated in the autumn of 1999 and the first asexual reproduction was undertaken in spring 2000. Plant Breeders’ Rights Application Number 1309 / MAL0813 was filed on 13th November 2001, in the Czech Republic. Opal is the marketing name given to UEB 3264/2.

The US Plant Patent was granted in September 2005. Commercialisation of Opal in USA is by FirstFruit Farms.

Grown in: UK, Spain, New Zealand, USA, South Africa.

Harvest & Availability: In the UK, Opal tends to be sold quite late in the marketing season as it stores so well. Availability in stores is generally as follows:

  • January:
  • February:                     UK, Spain
  • March:                          UK, Spain
  • April:                             UK, Spain
  • May:                              UK, Spain
  • June:                             New Zealand
  • July:                              New Zealand
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:


Opal UK – UK marketing

Opal USA – US marketing

US Plant PatentOpal apple


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