Red Pop

Red Pop is a red-blushed apple of crimson-cherry-pink colouration. The finely striped blush generally covers most of the fruit surface but there is often 10-20% showing the underlying pale to deep yellow background. The variety is, therefore, technically bicoloured rather than full red. The fruit shape is round-conical and is of medium size. The peel is smooth and firm and has a delicate sprinkling of fine yellow lenticels.

The first impression on biting into the fruit is of a hard, yet juicy texture. Indeed, the creamy-coloured flesh is firm and crunchy and cracks as it is bitten away from the core. The peel is of medium thickness and can be felt during chewing, but to no detrimental effect. The taste sensation is predominantly of sweetness with very mild acidity. Brix levels are 14.5-15%, on average. Flavour is often muted (tbc), but the aroma is described as floral and fruity.

Red Pop is a mid-season apple attaining maturity in late August-early September in Süd-Tyrol, Italy.

Growers are attracted to Red Pop for its resistance to scab, good storage capability, and high and constant productivity, as well as its appearance and eating attributes. Up to 6 months storage in controlled atmosphere (1.2-1.3° C., 1.2% 02, 0.4% CO2) is possible.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Red Pop is a very attractive, sweet and crunchy apple.

Sweet, crunchy, juicy.

Names: Red Pop; RedPop®; CIVM 49; US Plant Patent PP32391.

Origin: CIVM 49 originates from Italy at the Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV). The breeders of CIVM 49 were Michelangelo Leis and Alessio Martinelli. The variety is the result of a cross between Coop 39 (Crimson Crisp) x Mitchgla that was undertaken in 2000 in San Giuseppe di Comacchio in the province of Ferrara, Italy. Asexual reproduction of the variety was first conducted in 2006.

Red Pop is the marketing name given to CIVM 49 with the marketing tag: ‘little big sweet’. Marketing of the variety is the responsibility of Marlene® at Consorzio delle Cooperative Ortofrutticole dell’Alto Adige.

The US plant patent was granted in October 2020.

Grown in: Mainly in Süd-Tyrol, Italy, but other major growing regions are likely to evolve as well.

Harvest & Availability: Red Pop ripens 10-15 days after Gala. Availability of Red Pop in UK is as follows, though timings will widen as greater volumes are produced:

  • January:
  • February:
  • March:
  • April:
  • May:                  Italy
  • June:                 Italy
  • July:                   Italy
  • August:              Italy
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:



Red Pop – Marketing website EU

Marlene – Marketing organisation in Sud Tyrol

CIVM 49 – US plant patent


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