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Sweet Sensation is a red-stripped, roundish conical (ovate pyriform) pear of very similar shape to Comice. It has very similar eating quality to Comice with fine flavour and smooth, juicy, white flesh: sweet and aromatic.

Ripening: Sweet Sensation needs to be ripened before eating. This should be done at room temperature as fridge temperatures will slow ripening for many days. It is usually quite obvious when this the fruit is ready to eat as the skin colour changes to pale yellow, and softness can be felt around the stalk end. It is best to peel a Sweet Sensation before eating as the skin is noticeable on chewing. Use a napkin or a knife and fork!

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Consumers will enjoy Sweet Sensation for its soft, silky, juicy, sweet flesh.

Sweet, soft, juicy.

Names: Sweet Sensation; De Rode Van Doorn

Origin: Sweet Sensation is a red strain of Doyenne du Comice developed in Holland. It was discovered in 1992 as a natural mutation of a Comice tree in an orchard belonging to Simon Broertjes in Wijdenes in North Holland. The pear was eventually registered with the name De Rode Van Doorn by Joop van Doorn, a fellow grower. The variety was released in 2008, and the fruit first became available to consumers in 2010.

The marketing name is of De Rode Van Doorn is Sweet Sensation. It is a registered ‘club’ pear variety controlled by Licensed Varieties Editors B.V. (LVE) which is a subsidiary of The Greenery B.V. established in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. LVE is the exploitation entity of the IP rights of selected club varieties such as Sweet Sensation.

Grown in: The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Chile.

Harvest & Availability:

  • January:                   UK, Holland
  • February:                 UK, Holland
  • March:                     UK, Holland
  • April:                        Chile
  • May:                         Chile
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:              UK, Holland
  • December:               UK, Holland


Sweet Sensation – Official site

LVE – Licenced Varieties Editors



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