Carmen is a blushed early-season medium to large pear of classic pyrifom shape.  It has a slightly angular, irregular form and a thick stem which are characteristic of the variety.  The background colour to the skin is a pale yellow-green with a covering of quite prominent lenticels, and the blush is a rosy pink-red, usually covering about a third of the fruit.  The skin is relatively thin, so it is not absolutely necessary to peel the fruit before eating, though many people might prefer to do so.  The flesh is firm without being crisp, quite dense and not particularly juicy.  It makes a pleasant eating experience without being exceptional: sweet, with a tang of acid.

Growers are attracted to Carmen due to early production (20-25 days before mainstream varieties), high yield and good storage potential.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: **

Carmen adds interest to the limited choice of pears available in August.

Blushed, dense, firm.

Names: Carmen; IFS FO 80-18-69; EU17843

Origin: Carmen is the result of a cross between Guyot x Bella di Giugno conducted in Italy in 1980. The seedling was selected and evaluated in 1989 by Rivalta. The EU Patent was granted in 2000.

Grown in: Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile

Harvest & Availability: Carmen is harvested in mid-July in Emilia Romagna. Supplies to the UK tend to be as follows:

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  • August: Italy
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