Forelle is an attractive bi-coloured pear with a speckled appearance. Forelle pears have firm, almost crisp, sweet, tangy flesh and a white-yellow background colour to the peel. The peel is smooth and thin and does not detract from the eating experience. These are small to medium sized, elongated pears of the classic oblong pyriform bell-shape.

Forelle pears need to be ‘conditioned’ after harvest (stored for a few weeks), otherwise they will be slightly astringent. Following conditioning, the fruit is generally eaten in a ‘softening’ state. However, with the advent of Smartfresh (an ethylene suppressant that slows-down ripening), the marketing of Forelle, particularly from South Africa has changed significantly: they are now be generally sold in a firm, crisp state to be eaten more or less like an apple.

Ripening: Where no Smartfresh has been used, yellowing of the peel is a good indicator of ripeness in Forelle pears, but check the stalk end for softness as well: there needs to be some ‘give’ to the flesh. All Forelle pears will eventually soften, if you prefer a soft, succulent pear.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Forelle is a delicious pear when eaten on a firm crisp state, but equally attractive in a softened state.

Crisp, sweet, juicy.

Names: Forelle

Origin: Forelle pears are believed to have originated in northern Saxony, Germany, in the 1600s. The name derives from “trout” in German due to the skin having a similarity with a Rainbow trout colouration.  Forelle was introduced to USA by German settlers in the 19th century.

Grown in: Forelle is grown in limited volumes in Washington, Oregan and California (harvest late September to October); South Africa’s Cape Province is the main commercial growing region for the variety, but some production is available from Chile as well.

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