Suffolk Pink


Suffolk Pink is a bi-coloured apple with attractive pinkish red striations and a lemon-yellow background. The skin is smooth with the surface slightly rumbled, and there are very faint lenticels visible. The texture is quite hard with a good crack on biting, slightly blocky flesh, with skin that is mildly noticeable on chewing. There is an immediate rush of juicy acidity on eating the apple, along with good sweetness and a mild flavour.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Suffolk Pink is an attractive crisp apple with a distinct acidic tang.

Crisp, cracking, tangy.

Names: Suffolk Pink

Origin: The origin of Suffolk Pink is not clear: it has variously been thought of as a natural sport of Laxton’s Fortune or Gala. It was first discovered in circa 1990 by Dan Neuteboom at his Braiseworth Orchards near Eye, Suffolk.  Waitrose were the first supermarket to sell Suffolk Pink and are responsible for the name.

Grown in: UK

Harvest & Availability: Suffolk Pink is generally ready for harvest in UK at the end of August.

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