Kissabel Orange


Kissabel Orange is a red fleshed apple with an unusual yellow skin with a pink undertone. The flesh is quite heavily suffused with an attractive pink-red colouration, almost in striations. It is a firm, crisp apple: quite hard. While good sweetness is evident, this is quite an acidic apple.

Kissabel Orange is prone to developing a slightly sticky greasiness on the skin at times, though this does not detract from the eating experience.

Consumers will be attracted to the colour of Kissabel Orange, and other similar varieties, both in the skin and flesh, but the variety will be more pleasing to consumers who like tangy fruit.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Kissabel Orange is an attractive apple with a crisp texture and a tangy flavour.

Pink flesh, crisp, tangy.

Names: Kissabel Orange

Origin: France. The development of Kissabel branded varieties is controlled by a consortium called Ifored.

Grown in: UK, France

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