Cherish (Prem34)


Cherish™ is a medium sized, full pink-coloured apple. It is reported to have excellent sweetness, crunch and juiciness: very refreshing, with a tropical flavour.

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Names: Prem34; Cherish™

Origin: Prem34 is a cultivar from the New Zealand breeder Prevar from a cross between Pinkie x Pacific Rose. Prevar are also known for apples such Rockit, Smitten and Sweetie and pears such as Piqa® and Piqa®Boo®.

Golden Bay Fruit and International Pomme Fruit Alliance have global licences for marketing of the variety, named Cherish for the purpose. The first commercial volumes of Cherish were harvested in 2018 in New Zealand.

Grown in: Nelson, New Zealand

Harvest & Availability: The optimum harvest date for Cherish in New Zealand is between mid-February – early March (similar to Gala). The first small shipment of Cherish to the UK took place in 2017. Availability in UK:

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