Morettini is an early season yellow pear with a slight red blush of medium size.  Its shape is of a classic pear (pyriform) with a short neck.  The peel is clean, smooth and thin and quite edible.  The flesh, which needs to soften before eating, is white and juicy with a fine and soft texture. The flavour is mild and attractive with a tart background taste to contrast the early-season sweetness.

Morettini is an early season pear, harvesting about 3 weeks before Williams’.

Ripening: Best eaten in a softening condition. As an early variety, Morettini will soften quickly.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Morettini is one of the more attractive early pear varieties and most people will find it enjoyable.

Early, sweet, tangy.

Names: Morettini; Butirra Precoce Morettini

Origin: Butirra Precoce Morettini is the result of a cross between Coscia x Williams’ (Bartlett) made by Morettini in Florence, Italy, 1956.

Grown in: Mainly grown in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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