Dicolor is an attractive blushed pear of medium size, short conical fruit of regular shape. the sweet, yellow-white flesh is buttery and aromatic. The skin is has a bright red blush when ripe on an otherwise smooth, slightly glossy, yellow surface.
Maturity: Harvest in the beginning of October, consumer maturity from half of December, lasts until January or February, in cold store longer.
Diseases: In warm pear areas does not suffer with scab.

Origin: Dicolor is the result of a cross between Holenick√° x Williams Pear. The plant breeding was undertaken at the Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology in Holovousy, Czech Republic, started in 1955. It was later transferred to Techobuzice.

Grown in: Czech Republic, Belgium

Harvest & Availability: Harvest is normally in early October, with eating maturity at it’s best from mid December. The fruit can be stored until April
November to April: from Belgium