Migo (Cepuna)


Migo is a slender pyriform pear with a pale green-yellow skin and white flesh. The fruit can be eaten in a crisp or softening condition. The flavour has a subtle candy note and there is slight acidity with good sweetness which adds to the appeal of this variety. It is good to eat when crisp and appears to maintain a fairly firm texture without much softening, unlike Conference or Concorde. The texture of the flesh is unusually light in the mouth. The skin is thin and without much russet, so is quite acceptable to eat without peeling.

Migo is very similar to Conference in many respects but has a smoother skin with less russeting.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Migo is a very pleasant, crisp-eating pear which rivals varieties such as Concorde and Abaté Fétèl.

Crisp, light, sweet.

Names: Migo®; Cepuna; US PP24,963 P3

Origin: Cepuna is a cross between Conference and Doyenné d’Hiver. Migo® is the registered marketing name of Cepuna. The licence is held by CEP Innovation. The Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique, Beaucouze, France applied for the US Plant Patent, which was granted in October 2014.

Grown in: France, Holland

Harvest & Availability:  Harvest of Migo in the Loire Valley is 2nd-3rd week September (similar to Conference).

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