Abaté Fétèl


Abaté Fétèl is Italy’s favourite pear. It is a medium to large sized elongated pear with a slightly curved slender shape, with speckled green or pale-yellow skin. The flesh is sweet and the flavour distinctively aromatic. This a pear to be eaten when crisp or having ripened further and softened, depending on preference. In its crisp state the flesh has a lovely open texture which is very attractive.

Many believe that Abaté Fétèl can only achieve its unique flavour when grown in Italy, but recent plantings in the southern hemisphere are testing this theory. So far, quite successful production has taken place in South Africa and Chile, but flavour has not yet quite matched the ‘mother’ source.

Abaté Fétèl is a wonderful pear for consumers looking for flavour and choice of a crunchy or soft texture.

Quality: Look out for good firmness, and a background colour of no more than very pale yellow. Pronounced rub marks or softening and wrinkling of the stem-end can indicate fruit of less than perfect maturity or condition.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***** (Italy); **** (Chile, South Africa)

Origin: Abaté Fétèl is named after the man who bred the variety in the 15th century, a French monk called Abbé Fétèl.

Grown in: Abaté Fétèl is one of the main pears grown in Italy and has long been considered uniquely Italian. Recent plantings in South Africa, Argentina and Chile are now in production for consumption in the European summer.

Harvest & Availability: Abaté Fétèl can be stored for several months, hence its long availability from Italy.

  • January: Italy
  • February: Italy
  • March: Italy
  • April: South Africa, Chile, Argentina
  • May: South Africa, Chile, Argentina
  • June: South Africa, Chile
  • July: South Africa, Chile
  • August:
  • September: Italy
  • October: Italy
  • November: Italy
  • December: Italy


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