Packham’s Triumph

Packham’s Triumph is a green-skin pear with a classic obovate pyriform shape. The skin is pale-green changing to pale-yellow with maturity and is smooth and reasonably thin, so doesn’t really need to be peeled. These are not pears to be eaten in a hard state, and, when ripe, the white flesh is soft, smooth, slippery and juicy.  It has reliably good sweetness and an attractive mild, musky flavour.

Packham’s Triumph is a common pear in many southern hemisphere countries and is often used in canning. It is attractive to growers due to its good storability.

Ripening: Generally, the skin will change slightly from pale green to pale yellow, though the main indicator of ripeness is softness. When there is a slight ‘give’ to the fruit, it should be juicy and ready to eat.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Packham’s Triumph is, in many ways, a proper classic pear with soft, slippery flesh and a clear ‘pear’ flavour. It will be enjoyed by all pear enthusiasts for its flavour and juiciness.

Soft-eating, slippery, flavoursome

Names: Packham’s Triumph

Origin: Packham’s Triumph is the result of a cross between Uvedale’s St. Germain x Williams’ Bon Chrétien. The breeding was carried out by C. H. Packham in Molong, Australia, in 1896.

Grown in: Packham’s Triumph is mainly grown in producing countries in the southern hemisphere: South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Chile. Some production does exist in Italy, Holland and UK.

Harvest & Availability: Supplies of Packham’s Triumph to the UK are as follows:

  • January:
  • February:
  • March:
  • April:                        South Africa
  • May:                         South Africa, Argentina
  • June:                         South Africa, Argentina
  • July:                          South Africa, Argentina
  • August:                     South Africa, Argentina
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:



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