Marisol is an early Clementine which can be available from late September from Spain or late April from the southern hemisphere. The fruit are juicy and tender to eat, but can be a little acidic. The pale-yellow peel is relatively easy to remove, but tends to break easily. Production in Spain has declined in recent years as better early varieties, such as Clemenrubi, have become available.

Growers are drawn to Marisol due to its early maturity and good productivity, though it needs to be harvested in a timely fashion as puffiness is a consequence of late-hanging on the tree.

Consumers will find Marisol to be a decent Clementine variety for the early season.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Names: Marisol

Origin: Marisol is a Spanish selection of a mutation of the Oroval Clementine, found in Bechi, Castellón in 1970. Marisol matures about 2 weeks earlier than Oroval (late September to early October in Spain).

Grown in: Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa

Harvest & Availability: Harvested in South Africa, Argentina and Uruguay in March / early April and in Spain in mid to late September:

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