Clemensoon, a new early variety of clementine

November 2nd, 2012

A new variety of clementine, characterized by its early ripening and output, is ready after more than 10 years of research across various locations.

The Clemensoon, patented by Spanish company Anecoop, is derived from Oronule clementines, an early variety with a red-orange peel.

“After closely monitoring the fruit through Anecoop field research in Museros (Valencia), as well as observing data from other locations, we can say that this is the best variety of early clementine known today,” the company said.

The fruit is characterized by its early ripening and can be harvested from early September until the second half of October.

The fruit has an attractive reddish-orange color with a smooth, easily removeable peel.

“The pulp is orange, with excellent taste and good juice content that has a pleasant flavor,” the company said, adding that the fruit has an optimal size for an early variety with a high degree of homogeneity.

The company also highlighted its sensory qualities such as taste, aroma and color.

“With thin slices, the fruit offers excellent edibility. In fresh fruit tastings, it is considered the early clementine with the best sensory qualities.”