Fina is a mid-season variety, also known as Algerian Tangerine in USA. With a small-medium size fruit, the peel is very smooth, deep orange-red in colour and easy to remove. The juicy fruit has a rich, sweet flavour and few seeds, and is regarded as one of the finest eating quality Clementines.

Origin: Fina originated in Algeria, was introduced to Spain in 1925 and became to foundation for today’s Spanish Clementine industry as all other Spanish Clementine varieties are derived from Fina. It is still grown in Algeria, Spain and Morocco because of it’s excellent eating quality, but volumes are reducing as growers switch to varieties with larger fruit size.

Grown in: Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Argentina

Harvest & Availability: Fina is a mid-season Clementine, maturing towards the end of October in the Mediterranean regions.
Late October to January: from Morocco, Spain
Late May to July: from Argentina

Citrus clementina hort. ex Tanaka


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