Clemenrubi is an early Clementine variety which is taking over from Marisol as it has much improved internal quality. Clemenrubi is a good-looking fruit with slightly pebbled, reddish-orange colour peel which is moderately easy to remove, though can break into pieces. The segments are soft and juicy with a good balance of sweetness to acidity and are generally seedless.

Growers are interested in Clemenrubi as early-season Clementine variety with improved eating quality, slightly improved size, and a harvest date, in Spain, from 15th September.

As with any variety used to start a season early, there will be a tangy freshness to the taste for an initial period. In September/October from Spain, this will be very obvious to consumers who have become used to the rich sweetness of late-season southern hemisphere mandarins that are available at the same time, though ending their season.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Names: Clemenrubi®; Pri23

Origin: Clemenrubi® is a spontaneous mutation of Oronules, discovered by Juan Navarro in an orchard in Loriguilla, Valencia, Spain in 1994.  The name is registered by the nursery association, AVASA (Agrupación de Viveristas de Agrios), which has the world exclusive rights to its commercial exploitation.

Grown in: Spain, Italy, South Africa

Harvest & Availability:

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  • April: South Africa
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  • October: Spain
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