Kanzi is a bi-coloured apple with a red-orange blush and a pale green-yellow background. The skin is reasonably thin and very smooth, and although the initial bite is quite hard, the texture is crisp and open with good amounts of juiciness. The flavour is mild and delicate with a slight sharpness to balance the good levels of sweetness.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Consumers will be attracted to Kanzi for its open crisp texture and balanced tangy sweetness.

Light crisp, juicy, sweet tang

Names: Nicoter; Kanzi

Origin: Nicoter is the result of a Gala x Braeburn cross by Johan Nicolai, Sint Truiden, Belgium and was developed by Better3Fruits. It was released for commercial planting in 2006. Kanzi is a trademarked name. European Fruit Cooperation (EFC) has the worldwide licensing rights for Kanzi® (Nicoter cov).

Grown in: Kanzi is mainly grown in Belgium and Holland, but also in England, Germany, France, Italy, USA and South Africa.

Harvest & Availability: In Europe, harvest is in mid-September. Supplies to UK come from the following countries:

  • January: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK
  • February: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK
  • March: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK
  • April: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK
  • May: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK
  • June: South Africa
  • July: South Africa
  • August: South Africa
  • September: South Africa
  • October: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK
  • November: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK
  • December: Holland, Belgium, Italy, UK



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