from 10/10/11

Antarès: Queen of the apples

The queen of apples, the Antarès, is an ecologically responsibly grown fruit and is known for its crispy, reddish yellow peel and its slightly sour taste. What is exceptional about this apple is that it is by nature resistant against fungus, the black or brown spots on the peel. 18 years ago the ‘inventors’ INRA and DL-SNC Elaris started with the development of this apple and in 2006 it appeared for the first time on the French market, where it is becoming more and more popular.

Vergers de la Blottière, a specialised family company in apples and pears in Gardes, has been involved with the cultivation of this apple variety since 2003. For a number of years the company has been involved with sustainable developments in fruit cultivation. They have for instance hung nesting places for great tits in the apple trees. These birds are natural robbers of grub parasites and consequently chemical treatment is therefore no longer necessary.

“Antarès immediately tempted us. It has many advantages and represents the values we support in a first class way. It is an ecological apple thanks to its natural resistance to various diseases and its positive contribution to bio diversity”

David SOCHELEAU, director of Vergers de la Blottière declares. “Today we can even go further thanks to the quality certificate Demain la Terre.” This is an organisation which was established in 2004 by 5 producers of fruit and vegetables involved in sustainable development. In 2010 this organisation launched a quality certificate with 9 important themes: GGO, water, soil, work safety, bio diversity, energy, waste, economy and social.

With this certificate it is clear that the apple Antarès will be respected by the environment, the bio diversity being guaranteed and that it is certainly a quality fruit and is healthier.

Publication date: 10/10/2011