Cox’s Orange Pippin


The quintessentially English apple, Cox has a rich flavour that is unsurpassed by most modern varieties. The fruit is sweet, with a complex, interesting flavour. Cox is not a dense apple, but should have a good ‘bite’, and typifies the ‘Old English’ apple flavour that is so lacking in many apples. Cox’s Orange Pippin has been the mainstay of the English apple industry for decades and remains a favourite of the British consumer.

Cox’s Orange Pippin is a high quality dessert apple and will be particularly appealing to anyone who enjoys a rich, tangy taste and a slightly softer texture than many of the crisp new varieties.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Origin: England, early 19th century.

Grown in: Cox apples are really only grown in England and New Zealand in any quantity; partly due to the difficulty in growing the variety, but also due to demand which is almost unique to the UK market. English Cox is mainly grown in Kent, Suffolk, Essex, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. New Zealand production areas are mainly on the South Island, as far down as Dunedin. Some Cox is grown in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Harvest & Availability: Cox is a mid season variety, normally harvested in mid to late September in England, and late February to early March in New Zealand. It stores fairly well, usually for 6 months in ULO conditions, though use of new ethylene suppressants can extend storage life even further. Marketing periods in UK are:

  • January: England
  • February: England
  • March: England
  • April: England, New Zealand
  • May: New Zealand
  • June: New Zealand
  • July: New Zealand
  • August:
  • September: England
  • October: England
  • November: England
  • December: England

Similar varieties: Queen Cox; Rubinette


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