Delbard Estivale

Delbard Estivale is an early bi-coloured apple with an attractive open textured, crisp flesh. The flavour is quite perfumed (some say with a hint of anise and fennel, others of strawberry and pear) and there is good sweetness with a decent hint of acid: a refreshing effect. This is quite a fragile apple which is prone to bruising, but the crisp texture holds for longer than many early varieties.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Delbard Estivale is a very attractive early season apple with a perfumed flavour and crisp texture.

Crisp, perfumed, early.

Names:  Delcorf, Delbard Estivale, Estivale, D’Estivale

Origin: Delbard Estivale was bred in France in the 1950’s by the Delbard nursery: a Golden Delicious x Stark Jonagrimes cross. The original variety name is Delcorf. It was first introduced to UK supermakets by Nick Ball and Barry Allen in Tesco in 1996.

Grown in: France, UK

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in UK is generally in early September.

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