Jonagold (Red Prince)

Jonagold is a bi-coloured apple with a crimson red blush over a yellow-green background and visible lenticels. The shape is round to conical, similar to Golden Delicious, and the fruit size is medium to large. The skin is moderately thick and its presence is felt slightly on chewing. The flesh is white with a hint of green and is quite juicy. The texture is crisp, slightly soft and with a very slight hint of woodiness or blockiness. Sweetness levels are good with a good acid balance and flavour from the Jonathan parentage.

There are several versions of Jonagold with almost full red blush which make for more attractive marketing. The original is often thought to have the best eating quality compared to earlier red versions such as Jonagored.

Growers are attracted to Jonagold for its productivity and good storage life.

Jonagold is prone to bruising so needs careful handling. It can also develop greasiness when slightly over-mature, although this trait is absent in some of the later red variants.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Without being exceptional, Jonagold is an attractive eating apple, particularly for its slight acid balance and flavour.

Tangy, crisp, balanced.

Names: Jonagold; NY 43013-1; Jonagored; Red Jonaprince; Red Prince; Decosta; Primo; Rubinstar.

Origin: Jonagold is the result of a cross between Jonathan x Golden Delicious, selected in 1953 at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University. Jonagold was released for commercial planting in 1968.

Several red versions of Jonagold have been selected since 196. An example is a chance seedling that was discovered in 1994 by Wilhelmus and Antonius Princen in their orchard near Weert, Holland, on the border with Germany.  This was named Red Jonaprince and Red Prince.

Grown in: Canada, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA

Harvest & Availability: In New York State, Jonagold is harvested between Empire and Red Delicious.

  • January:                   UK, Belgium
  • February:                 UK, Belgium
  • March:                      UK, Belgium
  • April:
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
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