Braeburn is a bi-coloured apple with creamy, yellow-white flesh and a wonderful juicy, clean-breaking crunchy texture. At its best, Braeburn is one of the definitive high-quality apple varieties. It has a well-balanced rich, complex flavour with just enough ‘tang’ to match the sweetness: sharp and refreshing.

Braeburn is one of the ‘all-year-round’ apples in UK supermarkets and is a deserved favourite.  Unfortunately, it can be variable in quality because production is so widespread and, being an open variety, does not have the strict quality standards of newer registered varieties. The eating experience is therefore more governed by the skill of the retailer in finding the right product for sale each season.

Braeburn needs a fairly long growing season to reach peak eating quality and is best grown in warmer temperate climates. Quality from New Zealand and Chile is usually excellent; South African Braeburn tend to be very sweet; and some areas of France and Italy are perfect for production.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

A richly flavoured, well-balance and crisp apple, but often let down by variable quality.

Rich, Crisp, Balanced.

Names: Braeburn

Origin: Braeburn was discovered in New Zealand in the 1950’s. One parent is thought to be Lady Hamilton, but the other is unknown, possibly Granny Smith.

Grown in: Braeburn apples are now grown in most major apple growing countries, especially those supplying Europe: UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile.

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: UK, France, Italy, Germany
  • February: UK, France, Italy, Germany
  • March: UK, France, Italy, Germany
  • April: UK, France, Italy, Germany
  • May: UK, France, Italy, Germany
  • June: South Africa, New Zealand, Chile
  • July: South Africa, New Zealand, Chile
  • August: South Africa, New Zealand, Chile
  • September: South Africa, New Zealand, Chile
  • October: South Africa, New Zealand, Chile
  • November: UK, France, Italy, Germany
  • December: UK, France, Italy, Germany

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