Discovery is a very distinct apple and is one of few remaining ‘English’ varieties that still have a place in the commercial supermarket trade in UK. It remains so because it is one of the earliest apple varieties and therefore has limited competition as supermarket buyers look for something new among the maturing southern hemisphere stocks.

Discovery apples have a distinct pink-red colouration on a pale green/yellow background. The flesh is white and sweet with a unique ‘early’ flavour, some say of strawberry, and the good tangy tartness of early varieties: refreshing and crisp at their best. There is often an attractive pink tinge to the white flesh. As an early variety, Discovery does not store for more than a week and soon develops a slightly unattractive texture. To enjoy the unique flavour and texture, eat them promptly: best when freshly harvested.

Problems arise with Discovery when it’s narrow harvest window is missed: immature fruit are tart and unattractive, while over-mature fruit are soft and slightly tainted.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Discovery is such a contrast to the mainstream apple varieties on sale in August: a unique fresh taste of late summer.

Sweet, tangy, unique.

Names: Discovery

Origin: Discovery is not an ancient variety, being found in the 1940’s as a seedling of Worcester Pearmain in Langham, Essex.

Grown in: UK.

Harvest & Availability: Harvest is normally in mid-August.

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