Jazz is a bi-coloured apple with a distinctive elongated shape. The skin colour is pale green overlaid with red blush, normally on half of the fruit. The skin is smooth and the pale-yellow flesh is quite hard, but very crisp and juicy. Sweetness levels in Jazz are usually very good, and there is an excellent balance with the acids and a distinct flavour, often described as hints of pear-drops.

As the variety is trademarked and licensed, quality standards are tightly controlled, so it will rarely be substandard in supermarkets (unless sold as Scifresh due to issues such as poor colour, low brix or small size).

Jazz is a mid to late season variety and is attractive to growers due to its high quality fruit, productivity and storability.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

Consumers looking for a crisp apple with balance will very much enjoy Jazz for excellent sweetness, texture and flavour.

Very crisp, juicy, flavoursome

Names: Scifresh; Jazz; US plant patent USPP13888P3; PLU 3293 + 3294

OriginScifresh is originally from New Zealand. It is the result of a cross between Gala x Braeburn (as is Kanzi) carried out at the Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand. The cross took place in 1985 at Goddard Lane, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  Commercial release through licencing agreements with selected growers in suitable production regions was in 2000. The US plant patent was granted in June 2003. Jazz is the trademarked name for the variety.

Grown in: UK, France, USA, New Zealand, Chile

Harvest & Availability: In France, harvest is in late September/early October.

  • January: France, UK
  • February: France, UK
  • March: France, UK
  • April: France, UK
  • May: France, UK
  • June: New Zealand, Chile
  • July: New Zealand, Chile
  • August: New Zealand, Chile
  • September: New Zealand, Chile
  • October: New Zealand, Chile
  • November: France, UK
  • December: France, UK





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