Hernandina is a late season Clementine variety, available from Spain in February and March. The eating quality is very similar to Fina, so Hernandinas are one of the best. It is characterised by a green tinge to the skin around the base of the fruit, which some consumer find off-putting. The skin colour, though, has no bearing on the eating quality. Interestingly, the fruit are mature enough to eat in December, but the skin at this stage is still very green.

Origin: A bud mutation from a Fina tree, discovered in 1966 at Picassent (Valencia province).

From http://summercitrus.co.za/products_allclementines.html: Clemlates is the marketing name used mainly for two Clementine varieties grown in South Africa, namely Hernandina, which is a mutation of the old Spanish cultivar, Fina, and Nour, which developed from the Maroccan variety, Cadoux. Both these cultivars are described as having unique taste qualities, with the flavour of Nour being more delicate and less intense than that of Hernandina.

South African Summer Clemlates are described as being very juicy, very tender and sweet, with a good sugar acid ratio. It has the strong, pleasant aroma which typifies the Clementine.

South African Summer Clemlates are seedless, sweet and juicy. They are available during July.


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