Octubrina is an early-mid season seedless clementine variety. It has attractive smooth to slightly pebbly skin which is a bright mid-orange colour, and easy to peel in one peice. The fruit feels quite tender and this is reflected in the segments which have a softness and fineness to the bite and are very juicy. Flavour and sweetness are very attractive with a good acid balance.

Octubrina is a very attractive clementine, easy to peel and delicious to eat.

Names: Octubrina

Origin: Octubrina was created by a natural mutation on a Clemenules tree. It is a registered variety of Citrus Genesis / AMC Group, Spain. Initial sales of fresh Octubrina took place in 2014 through Tesco in UK.

Grown in: Spain

Harvest and Availability: Harvest in Spain is in early October, 3-4 weeks before Clemenules.

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