FlavorKing is a Pluot, a unique plum-apricot hybrid. It is of medium size and almost globose shape. It is a semi-clingstone fruit and has firm, juicy flesh when ripe. The sweetness levels are excellent, and the remarkable, spicy bouquet and flavour is reminiscent of bubble-gum. The fruit has a reddish-purple skin, prominent lenticels and red flesh.


FlavorKing is a late mid-season plum. Pluots are popular with growers as they can be left to hang on the tree. However, FlavorKing has a reputation for being quite difficult to grow in terms of yield and fruit size.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: *****

At their best, FlavorKing plums are among the most delicious and flavoursome pluots available.

Red flesh, bubble-gum, sweet

Names:Ā FlavorKingĀ®; ‘Prunus pluot’

Origin: USA. Developed by Zaiger Genetics, California from a plum x plumcot cross. US Plant Patent No. 8026. (Expired) was granted in June 1991.

Grown in: South Africa, Italy, Spain, France, California

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in central California is in late August, and in South Africa in mid-late January. Availability in UK is generally as follows:

  • January:
  • February: South Africa
  • March: South Africa
  • April:
  • May:
  • June:
  • July: Spain
  • August: Spain, Italy, France
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:


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