Metis Oxy

Metis Oxy is an early to mid-season plum with dark, almost black skin. The flesh, even when ripe, is dense and slightly crisp to eat, as is normally associated with the last varieties of the season. The fruit has a high level of sweetness, quite intense, and is very enjoyable; juicy, but not soft and succulent. Some may find it too sweet! The flesh is an attractive pale pink, laced with beautiful amber striations.

Ripeness: These plums will always be quite hard to the touch, but you may be able to detect a slight ‘give’ to the flesh. Essentially, let them attain room temperature before eating, and trust your retailer to get maturity right!

Origin: MetisĀ® Oxy and its sister varieties are the result of crosses between various types of stone fruit. Metis is an acronyn for Most Exciting Tasty Inter Specific. The varietal improvement technique was developed in the 1950s by Norman Bradford in California, working with Fred Anderson, and continued by Normans’s son, Glen, who joined the team in the 1980’s. In the early 80s, the Metis Project began in Europe with the collaborative efforts of several well-know stone fruit producers.

Grown in: California, Spain, France, Italy

Harvest and Availability:

  • September: Spain, France, Italy
  • October: Spain, France, Italy


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