African Delight

African Delight is a red skinned, yellow-fleshed, cling-stone plum. Generally, it has very good flavour, exceptionally high levels of sweetness and with decent juice content.

In South Africa, there’s been plenty of interest in the variety from growers, who have been planting significant numbers of trees. A rapid increase in volumes can be expected, and some are predicting that African Delight will become South Africa’s third highest volume variety by 2021.

The variety is of mid to late season maturity. It has a relatively low chilling requirement and the tree is very fertile, bearing fruit on shoots and spurs.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

This is a lovely late-season plum which can be almost irresistible to eat when properly ripened: a great alternative to the traditional crunchy, late season varieties.

Names: African Delight; ARC PR00-29

Origin: ARC PR00-29 was bred at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), Infruitec-Nietvoorbij in South Africa and released in 2008. It has been commercialised by Culdevco who have registered African Delight as a trademarked name.

Grown in: South Africa

Harvest & Availability: African Delight is usually harvested at the end of February.

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