September Yummy

September Yummy is a late season Japanese-type plum. The fruit is more or less round and the peel is an attractive Burgundy-red with light speckling. The flesh is pale yellow with pink infusion just below the surface of the skin. Being a late-harvest plum, flesh texture is firm with a distinct crunch, even when the fruit seems to be softening to the touch. Sweetness levels are generally very good (typically 19Brix).

Growers like September Yummy for its productivity, sweetness, colour and lateness (harvest after Angelino).

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

For consumers keen to continue eating plums late in the season, September Yummy is an enjoyable sweet, firm fruit.

Firm, sweet, fleshy

Names: September Yummy®; USPP14220

Origin: September Yummy® is a product of the breeding programme at Bradford Farms/BQ Genetics, California. It is the result of a cross between an unnamed plum and Bradgreen in 1996 made by L. G. Bradford. The US Plant Patent was granted in 2003. A range of Yummy® plums have been developed by Bradford Farms, Le Grand, California. The Yummy® name is the US and International Trademark of Johnny Appleseed Holdings Ltd., trading as the Yummy Fruit Company, Hastings, New Zealand.

Grown in: Spain, Italy, France, South Africa, Chile, Australia, USA

Harvest & Availability: Harvest in California – mid-September to mid-October.

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