Buerré Bosc


Buerré Bosc, also know as Kaiser Alexander, is an elongated pear with a smooth brown russet. The flesh is white and juicy, and can be eaten crisp or soft, depending on preference. As a crisp pear, it has an satisfying open crunchy texture, while the favour is mild, but with good levels of sweetness.

Ripening: Bosc can be eaten either crisp or having softened. However, be cautious when waiting for softness as Bosc is a naturally firm pear: too soft will be unpleasant.

Origin: Buerré Bosc are either Belgium or French in origin, discovered early in the 19th century by a M. Bosc and with buttery (buerré) characteristics. M. Bosc was the director of the Botanical Gardens in Paris. The variety was first planted in eastern states of USA in 1830’s, but have proved better adapted to the climate in Oregon and Washington.

Grown in: Belgium, France, Italy, USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa

Harvest & Availability:
September to February: from Italy, France
April to July: from South Africa, Argentina