Goldember (Delsanne)


Goldember is an unusual shape for a European pear being a slightly irregular sphere. It is distinctive with its matt brown skin, which is very slightly rough, but is not unpleasant to eat. Many, though, will prefer to remove the peel to enjoy the flesh unhindered. The fruit is best consumed in a soft condition when the white flesh is smooth and juicy with no grittiness. The flavour is quite distinct and the decent level of sweetness is nicely off-set by a slight tang of acid.

Ripening: The fruit will ripen fairly fast in the fruit bowl at room temperature, perhaps 4-5 days after purchase. When ripe, the skin becomes quite delicate and it is obviously in a fragile state.

Origin: Delsanne is the original varietal name for Goldember, which was registered as a trade mark in the EU in June 2011 after 12 years of breeding work. The name is owned by the breeder, Pepinieres et Roseraies George Delbard of Malicorne, France. Also known as Delbard d’Automne®.

Grown in: France, UK
The first major planting in England was at Rankin’s Farm, Kent.

Harvest & Availability: Goldember is harvested in late September / early October in UK.
November to January: from England