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Zari is an attractive bi-coloured apple with a red-orange blush. It is quite an early variety, similar in timing to Worcester. It has crisp, open-textured, pale yellow flesh with good levels of juice. The flavour is reminiscent of more traditional varieties, with something tropical in the background, but the fruit is sweet with a satisfying tanginess to give it interest. Being more of an early variety, it is prone to softening and wrinkling, and can become slightly greasy with maturity: don’t be put-off though!

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Unlike many new apple varieties, the texture of Zari is light and open, though very crisp and juicy: perfect for those who don’t like a hard, crunchy texture.

Light crisp, sweet, tangy.

Names: Zari

Origin: Belgium, 2008. Zari is the result of a cross between Elstar x Delbard Estivale. Zari is the brand name of a variety developed by Better3fruit, Rillaar, Belgium.

Grown in: Belgium, Netherlands, UK

Harvest & Availability:

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  • February: United Kingdom
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  • September: United Kingdom
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2 reviews for Zari

  1. shelley wells

    My husband usually has pink lady or jazz in his lunch box. Tried Zari for the first time today and he commented how tasty and juicy they are. Now his new favourite.

    • Nick Ball

      Hi Shelley,
      Zari is one of a number of very good new apple varieties that I have been highlighting, along with Rubens, Tentation, Smitten and Envy. Glad your husband likes it.
      Nick Ball

  2. Ross King

    Wow, what a great apple, I tried it today for the first time and in my humble opinion it is much better than a pink lady.
    Reasons to buy this apple, sweet, crispy, skin is not chewy or hard to digest. It is grown in the UK, mine was from a grower in Kent, so we are supporting British farmers and not adding to global warning by flying them from all corners of the planet.
    As you mentioned it has a slightly greasy/ waxy skin, which is quite strange, I thought a quick wash and it’ll be gone, but no, but as you mentioned don’t let it put you off.
    A fantastic apple

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