Zari is an attractive bi-coloured apple with a red-orange blush. It is quite an early variety, similar in timing to Worcester. It has crisp, open-textured, pale yellow flesh with good levels of juice. The flavour is reminiscent of more traditional varieties, with something tropical in the background, but the fruit is sweet with a satisfying tanginess to give it interest. Being more of an early variety, it is prone to softening and wrinkling, and can become slightly greasy with maturity: don’t be put-off though!

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Unlike many new apple varieties, the texture of Zari is light and open, though very crisp and juicy: perfect for those who don’t like a hard, crunchy texture.

Light crisp, sweet, tangy.

Names: Zari

Origin: Belgium, 2008. Zari is the result of a cross between Elstar x Delbard Estivale. Zari is the brand name of a variety developed by Better3fruit, Rillaar, Belgium.

Grown in: Belgium, Netherlands, UK

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