Crimson Crisp


Crimson Crisp was a newcomer to retail shelves in 2013-14 season.

It is a bi-colour apple with an attractive red-pink, almost orange, blush.

Shape is slightly oblate (flattened at the poles) to round.

By February sales, having been stored since September, the background colour can become quite yellow, and it is prone to a slightly sticky feel to the skin.

The flesh is pale yellow, quite juicy. Texture is firm with a good crunch, but the long storage may reduce crispiness.

This apple is in the sweet & tart category. Flavour by February is not strong, but it is a pleasant eating experience.

A key feature of this variety is immunity to Scab, a common disease of apples, which reduces the need to apply fungicides to the orchard during the growing season. As such, it will be popular with growers of organic apples.

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Names: Coop39; Crimson Crisp

Origin: Rutgers Fruit Research and Development Center, Cream Ridge, New Jersey, USA is the origin of this variety, first named Coop39. It is the result of a programme that specifically aimed to breed a scab-immune variety.

Grown In: USA, Italy, UK

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