Clemenules (Nules) Mandarin

Sweet, easy-peeling and irresistible, Clemenules are the main variety of Clementine grown in Spain and the most popular with consumers through out Europe. This is the architypical seedless ‘Clementine’ mandarin with smooth, easy to remove peel; rich orange colouration and soft, sweet, juicy segments.

Origin: Clemenules (or Nules) is a natural mutation of the Fina variety, originating in Nules, Castellón country, Spain in 1953. The fruit are slightly larger than Fina and mature slightly later.

Names: Citrus clementina hort. ex Tanaka; Nules; Clemenules

Grown in: Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru

Harvest & Availability:
Early November to early February: from Spain
May to August: from South Africa
June to August: from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru



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