Timco (Sheegene 13)

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Timco is a red seedless table grape with medium to large berries. The berry shape is slightly elongated, and the colour is an intense pink to darker red. The skin is thin and offers minimal resistance on biting and only very minor astringency. The flesh is soft and very juicy, though a slight crunch is experienced on chewing due to the skin. The flavour is described as mild, and has a good balance of acids and good sweetness levels. There can be one or two rudimentary seeds in the berries, but these are not noticeable in the mouth.

Timco sugar:acid ratio – California: 4.87

Timco is said to have similar characteristics to Red Globe, but without the seeds, or to Flame Seedless, but harvesting 6 weeks later.

Timco is a late-ripening variety which is harvested at a similar time to Crimson, for which it is often promoted as a replacement.

Growers are attracted to Timco due to its later season, long storage capability, uniformity and large berry size.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ***

Timco can be relatively non-descript, but at its best it has a lovely juiciness with an acidic tang to balance the sweetness.

Juicy, tangy, large berried.

Names: Timco™; Sheegene 13; USPP 20110 P3

Origin: Sheegene 13 was the result of hybridisation conducted by Timothy Sheehan of Sheehan Genetics in Porterville, California, in spring 2000. The parentage of the variety was Princess (pollen) x Red Globe (seed parent). The US plant patent was granted in June 2009. Timco™ is the marketing name for Sheegene 13.

Grown in: Australia, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Namibia, Peru, South Africa, Spain. Harvest in California: late August to early September (6 weeks after Flame).

Harvest & Availability: For the UK market:

  • January:                   Namibia, South Africa
  • February:                 South Africa
  • March:                      South Africa
  • April:
  • May:
  • June:                         Egypt
  • July:                          Egypt
  • August:
  • September:              Spain
  • October:                   Spain
  • November:
  • December:


Timco – Sheehan Genetics

Timco – SNFL


1 review for Timco (Sheegene 13)

  1. Anita

    13.3.21 Asda, Peru, excellent, inexpensive, sweet, thin skinned, good size

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