Tentation is an attractive golden yellow apple, often with a good pink blush. The shape is very blocky, sometimes elongated, sometimes almost square. The thin skin has quite a dry, matt touch, but doesn’t impact the eating experience to any extent. The texture of the creamy-yellow flesh is crisp, slightly balsa-like, but with masses of juice and without being hard or crunchy. Sweetness levels are usually excellent and there is a distinct acid balance to offer interest and satisfaction.

Tentation is often compared to Golden Delicious, but, although yellow-skinned, the combination of texture, sweetness and acidity makes it a far superior variety.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Consumers will enjoy Tentation for the unusual crisp texture and good sweet/acid balance.

Yellow, crisp, sweet & tangy.

Names: Tentation; Delblush

Origin: Delblush was developed in France in 1979 at the Delbard Nursery. It is the result of a cross between Golden Delicious and Grifer. It was first marketed as Tentation in Europe in 1996. Tentation is a registered variety.

Grown in: France, UK, New Zealand

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: France, UK
  • February: France, UK
  • March: France, UK
  • April:
  • May: New Zealand
  • June: New Zealand
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November: France, UK
  • December: France, UK




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