Amelia’s Apple

Amelia’s Apple is a yellow skin variety that provides an alternative to Golden Delicious for colour in the fruit bowl. It is distinguished from its more common cousin by its distinctive heart-shape and a smooth, vibrant, lemony-yellow peel. It also has different eating qualities with yellowish-white flesh which is quite dense and crunchy. There is a good level of juice, a pleasing balance of sweetness to acid and an attractive mild flavour.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Consumer’s who enjoy a fairly dense, crunchy apple with a decent acid balance will enjoy Amelia’s Apple.

Yellow, dense, crunchy

Names: Amelia’s Apple was named after 11-year-old Amelia Bassett, who died from kidney cancer in May 2011. Amelia’s father Roy, manager of the M&S store in Ilkeston, was the unanimous winner of a competition to name the apple for M&S. The Great Ormond Street Hospital are beneficiaries of a donation from M&S related to sales of the variety.

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