Lemonade apple, Yummy Fruit Co. New Zealand

Lemonade is a new variety of yellow skinned apple from New Zealand. As the name suggests, it has a slight lemon flavour and a more tangy, light eating experience. There is a good level of sweetness, and the flesh is firm and crunchy with quite a solid bite. The apple is attractive in both shape and skin colour and texture. The fruit has a pronounce elongated form, and the skin is smooth and fine, almost without visible lenticels.

The marketing information from Yummy New Zealand is: ‘has a refreshing fizzy flavour, but still slightly tart. It is a very firm crisp apple with a unique elongated shape.’ Fizzy is an unusual term to describe eating quality, and may be detected by some consumers.

Origin: New Zealand from a Royal Gala x Braeburn cross. First marketing took place in 2009 in New Zealand. Yummy Fruit Co. have exclusive marketing rights.

Grown in: New Zealand

Harvest & Availability:

June: New Zealand

July: New Zealand


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