Sweet Surrender®(IFG31)


Sweet Surrender® is a seedless black grape with medium-sized berries. The colour is a uniform jet black, often with a well-formed bloom, and with a slightly elongated oval shape. The skin is quite thin, so is easy to eat, though it can be slightly chewy from some sources (e.g. Egypt), but without any hint of bitterness. The flesh is a translucent white with quite a soft texture, so this grape can’t be described as crisp. The main attribute of Sweet Surrender for consumers is its very high level of sweetness coupled with a subtle acidity to give definition to the eating experience. The breeders of the variety describe the flavour of Sweet Surrender as ‘plum-like’, though the extent of the flavour will vary according to source country.

From the perspective of growers, Sweet Surrender is a very early, very sweet seedless black grape that colours easily and has vigorous growth: an excellent proposition.

Sweet Surrender® is a very attractive black seedless grape which is a pleasure to eat with its high levels of sweetness and nicely balanced acidity.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: ****

Names: Sweet Surrender®; IFG Thirty-one; IFG 31-077

Origin: Sweet Surrender® is the product of the breeding programme at International Fruit Genetics (IFG) in Bakersfield, California. The variety was bred by Davin Cain of IFG using traditional pollination techniques. It was then developed on land owned by The Grapery, also of Bakersfield, California, where the first commercial harvest took place in 2008.

Grown in: As a registered variety, Sweet Surrender is grown under licence and with strict quality standards applied to the final packed product. Planting is underway in many of the main grape-producing regions, including: California, South Africa, Egypt.

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