Melody (Blagwratwo)


Melody is a midseason black seedless grape which ripens just before Autumn Royal. It has an elongated, slightly obovoid berry of medium to large size, and full dark purple-black skin. The translucent white flesh is moderately crisp, and the skin is thin to moderately thin depending on the source. It has virtually no impact on the eating sensation, though when slightly chewy, breaking the peel can somehow enhance the bursting juiciness of the fruit. Flavour is neutral, but there is generally a very high level of sweetness.

Melody grown in the Mediterranean region appears to be slightly softer than when it is grown in Southern Africa and does not seem to attain the same levels of sweetness.

From a grower perspective, Melody has high levels of fertility and very strong vine vigour, has good natural colour, stores well as a table grape and develops a sugar:acid ratio of 30:1 and a typical brix of 20ยบ.

Good Fruit Guide Rating: Southern Africa/South America****; Mediterranean***

Melody is a very attractive black grape for consumers looking for good levels of sweetness and a juicy, crisp texture.

Very sweet, Slightly crisp, juicy.

Names: MelodyTM; Blagratwo

Origin: Melody is the product of the breeding programme at Sheehan Genetics and the SNFL Group. It is a relatively recent variety with marketing in UK gaining pace since about 2015. It is seen by many growers as a replacement for Autumn Royal.

Grown in: South Africa; Namibia; Egypt; Spain; Italy; Brazil; Chile.

Harvest & Availability:

  • January: South Africa, Namibia
  • February: South Africa, Namibia
  • March: South Africa, Chile
  • April:
  • May:
  • June: Egypt
  • July: Spain, Italy, Egypt
  • August: Spain, Italy
  • September: Spain, Italy
  • October: Spain
  • November: Brazil
  • December: Brazil


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